The Demise of Punjabi as a Mother Tongue among the New Generation and Its Impact on Culture

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This study aimed to identify decline of Punjabi among the youth of Pakistan, and its impact on the culture of Pakistan. The objectives were to find the reasons for the decline of the mother tongue, Punjabi, in Pakistani urban society and to ensure the effect of decline of Punjabi on Pakistani culture. The research was based on quantitative methods and a questionnaire was developed for data collection.
The findings indicate that in Pakistani urban society, the preference for a mother tongue is declining day by day. The main reasons are a lack of preference and a lack of confidence in Punjabi, Punjabi students' lack of a serious attitude toward their mother tongue, parents' preference for English as a medium in schools for their children, a lack of awareness about this language as an important part of our culture, a lack of this language in educational institutes as well as in the workplace, and the adoption of a Western lifestyle. The study concludes that Punjabi is declining because the older generation does not prefer their children use this language in their daily life, so they are not transmitting it to the new generation. The majority in the new generation are aware that this language is declining day by day, which creates negative effects on our culture, and are also aware that Punjabi is an important part of our identity, which is a positive attitude among the new generation. This attitude can preserve Punjabi and can be used for the languageā€™s development.

Keywords: Theme: Human Representations and Communications, Language Decline, Culture, New Generation
Stream: Language, Linguistics
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Adeela Rehman

Lecturer, Department of Gender Studies, Fatima Jinnah Women University
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

I work as a lecturer and have expertise in the fieldd of gender and health, and the culture of Pakistan. I completed my MS in sociology. I have given multiple presentations at different national and international conferences. I have two journal publications.

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